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Payday Jul 15, 2018
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 17505 Jefferson Davis Hwy - Dumfries, VA 22026
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Loans For Bad Credit Jul 14, 2018
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 1 North King St - Leesburg, VA 20175
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Direct Lenders Jul 11, 2018
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 6909 Old Keene Mill Rd - Springfield, VA 22150
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Speedycash Jul 11, 2018
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 20921 Davenport Drive #128 - Sterling, VA 20165
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Syiara Harris Feb 18, 2016
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 2730 Metro Plaza - Woodbridge, VA 22192
I had the worst experience again at the store located in Woodbridge by an employee named fab she doesn't know how to talk to her customers if she continues to talk about the problem and doesn't let it go she has a smart mouth and now this company will not see my customer service again because this is not just the first time but this is the second time that I done had the worst experience ever invent I call another store to ask to talk to a store manager or to talk to corporate and I was told that I can't have either one of their numbers
Jeffreyet Oct 2, 2015
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 2730 Metro Plaza - Woodbridge, VA 22192
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amoxil Jul 3, 2015
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 7321 Richmond Hwy - Alexandria, VA 22306
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zqznacomoa Jun 30, 2015
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 11610 Rockville Pike - Rockville, MD 20852
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Ashley May 18, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 11610 Rockville Pike - Rockville, MD 20852
Have to say, if every sex store had this kind of service, I'd visit them a lot more often. The woman working there was very nice and knowledgeable about the toys. I'm usually shy asking questions about sex stuff, but she made me feel really comfortable. If I was closer to the store, I'd visit every time I needed supplies.
Stacy Mar 10, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 20921 Davenport Drive #128 - Sterling, VA 20165
Can I tell you how much my wife and I just love your store? We have so much
fun going in and seeing the large selection of adult toys and lingerie you
guys offer. I have picked up several of the cock rings and have fun a new
adventure each time!
Mike & Michelle Mar 9, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 20921 Davenport Drive #128 - Sterling, VA 20165
We wanted to make a comment about great service last night at this location.
My husband and I went to the store in Sterling to re-up our stock of fun,
home gadgets and lotions. While my husband is very open to discussing toys,
I am much more shy about speaking about sexuality. Brian was a
great customer sales associate and because of him we have a differant
perspective of what we would look for in a "toy store" and the people that
work at them. It comforted me that he discussed the items with important
"dos and donts" and had the proper training on the topics which put me at
ease to ask more questions. He worked with us over a bit of time and made a
good sale for us and the store. We think Brian is a sexologist professional
and this professionalism allowed us to ask the questions we wanted and find
the products (including something new). We appreciated his intelligance and
the overall experience. We will be back!
Schea Feb 2, 2014
Ms. Jessica is absolutely the most perfect sales rep you could have working for you. She is completely competent of all the products and their functions as well as kind and makes you feel comfortable while browsing for your personal purchase(s). She is honest and will let you know upfront whats worth your money. Over all Jessica is totally amazing and will have my business as well as friends of mine. Keep her around shes a valuable asset.

Thank You,
Jessi Feb 1, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 10346 Portsmouth Road - Manassas, VA 20109
Previously, a red haired employee turned me off of this location. I went in last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised with the blond haired happy perky down to earth employee. I loved her! She was helpful, easy going and made me want to go back. In fact, I am tonight. Thank you!
Wayne Jan 28, 2014
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 8346 Leesburg Pike - Vienna, VA 22182
I have been to a few adult stores in the area and I never had a good experience. However when I went into the MVC Couples Boitique at Tyson's I was greeted with a professional and well informed staff member. I was impressed with Christine's knowledge and friendliness. Thank you MVC Couples' Boutique for your products and your employee training.
James Jan 26, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 2730 Metro Plaza - Woodbridge, VA 22192
This is a very nice store that provides a good selection of items. This store is very well maintained and the staff is very helpful.
Amanda Jan 6, 2014
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 14021 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - Chantilly, VA 20151
My boyfriend and I were in there 1/6/14 and Sarah was wonderful very polite and patience as we took our time in deciding what we wanted to buy.
Katie Dec 28, 2013
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 6909 Old Keene Mill Rd - Springfield, VA 22150
Customer service was given and executed by a representative named Phil. He was extremely professional and so helpful. I'm so grateful for my experience! I misplaced a charger and he helped me lock down a new one!
John-Boi Nov 18, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 11610 Rockville Pike - Rockville, MD 20852
"The Kink World..."

From the outside, at a glance, Le Tache, located on Rte 355 (Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD), looks like a fine lingerie store - enough to entice the casual shopper, looking for nice panties, or a bra or lacy garter belt, to pause and think of entering. He - or she - should do so.

Once inside, the viewer will find that the exceptionally tall, long-legged mannequins are wearing silky black thongs, dividing their alabaster asses and disappearing in their clefts. Now, those are nice asses - better than your average mannequins, for a start. H'mm.

More, the lingerie, seen from outside this brightly-lit, welcoming store as typical, standard camis and lacy panties, turns out to be - simply put - inviting tongue and lips to savor the bared nipples and barely hidden clefts of crotches. The male visitor's cock twitches and thickens perceptibly.

The store display widens, across both sides; the silk and satin underwear spreads invitingly. Zipped up tight, straps dangling, corsets in a range of colors, pink to purple to black, invite closer inspection. For the female visitor - who knows - perhaps there is a warm dampness between the legs.

The lavish but somehow discreet display of sexually-explicit underwear is enough to embolden the fetishist in the visitor. If male his penis has be now taken control of his brain, and he is wandering from one display to the next, fingers itching to reach and stroke, while his inborn submissiveness keeps his hands to themselves. Does he reach? Dare he touch?

Approaching the central desk, he may hear a more-frequent visitor casually enquire of the voluptuously beautiful store assistant, with her dark eyes and alabaster complexion, about newer cock rings or dildos. His dick twitches and lengthens more involuntarily.

Le Tache is a sex-mad creature's dream come true. Towards the half-curtained rear of the store, atop a shelf placed right angles to the door, a fleshy strap-on nestles in its black harness, the stiff, veined cock erect, almost menacing. Lined shelves of toys - dildos, cock rings, leather and plastic, boxed and pouched, have our visitor by now locking his lips, his mouth dry or watering. His anus clenches involuntarily. He has entered, "the kink world." Any sex therapist worth the name is smiling benevolently as he meanders deeper into the far recesses of the store. Ranks of butt plugs and elaborate dildos present themselves. All he has to do is bend down, inspecting the lower shelves, ass cheeks invitingly spread, inviting the gentle caress of phantom fingers, his cock by now stiff in his tented pants.

Smiling clerk appears by his side, to ask his pleasure of the inventory. He can be forgiven, one hopes, for fantasizing her with legs spread and trimmed pussy uplifted - I digress, my apologies! - The King World has me! - and he stuggles to speak - to think!

On his first visit, perhaps he buys a cock ring, perhaps some panties, to provide his absent partner some pleasure...

This is what make Le Tache such a delight to the senses. I will return, but of course. If you'd like to meet me, you can find its hours on the internet easily enough. Perhaps we will meet, wandering the shelves of sultry undies or sex toys. Maybe you'll tell me what catches your roving eye. Maybe we'll pick out on or two together. We might depart together, hands brushing as we exit. Your place or mine?

Thank you, Le Tache. Thank you, clerk -

Amanda Oct 6, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 14021 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - Chantilly, VA 20151
i was at this store today and it was sara's first day.. she was wonderful.. she greeted me and asked if i needed anything and she was outgoing and didn't even mess up my transaction and told me about how i have a gift card at the bottom of my receipt =] i enjoy coming in to this location
Eva Oct 1, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 14021 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - Chantilly, VA 20151
It was a pleasure having Wendy's assistance today. She was extremely knowledgable, helpful, professional, and friendly. I have worked in customer service and hospitality for 10 years and am so pleasantly surprised to find people like Wendy who are so good at their jobs. She knew what she was talking about, made helpful recommendations, and told me about your rewards program, in which I have now enrolled. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. Have a great day.
Sara Sep 21, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 1 North King St - Leesburg, VA 20175
Christie was so welcoming when I walked into the store. I told her about a previous experience with a toy that I was not entirely satisfied with, and she helped me pick out 2 (both of which I love!), as well as a few other items. She gave me her honest opinion about what I had picked out, and didn't just point me to the most expensive items. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease in the store.
Eddie Sep 13, 2013
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 8593 Breeden Ave - Manassas, VA 20110
I strolled into the Manassas location a few days ago. My wife & I have been customers for roughly 10 years.We have probably shopped @ different stores in the area a total of 15-18 times over the years. I can't say we ever had a bad experience, but there is just no comparing the experience I had on 09/10/2013 w/ prior trips.. Wendy YoungBloom is the best representative of ANY company I have ever done business w/ ! And I mean ANY & ALL persons, on any of the 100's of businesses , people or entities that we all deal with as we navigate through our lives. My wife & I own a small business & I can assure you that we would be thrilled to have a representative that conducted themselves on such a highly motivated level. Thanks to Ms. YoungBloom My wife has never been happier w/ a purchase from your organization.. She shared info about sales & opportunities to save money that we were unaware of..Because of this new knowledge, we will be making more frequent trips to shop w/ you.
Ms. YoungBloom is a special employee & your sales are higher across the board b/c of the incredible experience that customers are encountering if they are lucky enough to meet Ms. YoungBloom ..
Please send her my thanks for her assistance. My wife has been "Over the Moon" w/ happiness concerning my purchase. If you have ever loved someone, then you understand the joy that comes from seeing that loved one happy... & all the more so if that joy is due to something you did for them.
Barry Sep 12, 2013
Location: MVC Couples Boutique - 8593 Breeden Ave - Manassas, VA 20110
Visited your store this AM and was greeted and helped by Wendy.

My first visit so Wendy's help really
made selecting a few things easy and
her recommendations helped in
understanding the products proper use.

I will be back for any future adult items that I may need.

Thanks again to Wendy for her help.
Nathan Aug 12, 2013
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu received my Doc Johnson sex toy curved cock 7 and one half inch by 1 and 3/4. I thought I would have to send it back but my wife loved it. I tried it within minutes of arrival. My wife will be able to take it all in a few days. Fast shipping. Felt just like me doing her!
Robin Aug 5, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 10346 Portsmouth Road - Manassas, VA 20109
Good afternoon, When a sales person does the littlest thing to go out of there way deserves feedback! I usually go into your Leesburg store but went to this location last week to purchase one of your Lelo products. A very nice young lady cant recall her name but she had dark hair and said she was new. She was somewhat knowledgable and brought me over to the Intensity by Jopan products which I wound up buying because of her. What I was impressed with was I asked a question and she stated " Please let me call my manager because I don't want to give you the wrong info I believe I know the answer but want to be sure" also I commented on your Lelo is more then the website so I asked about the intensity and I told her I was going to buy it reguardless but would be upset if I got home and there was a big difference so she took out her phone and pulled up the website and showed me it was a little less in your store. These little things are great costumer service and I will be back in that location.
Amanda Jul 9, 2013
Location: Le Tache Couples Boutique - 14021 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - Chantilly, VA 20151
Was in this store Monday July 9th 2013.. Jake (regional manager) was very friendly and had great advice for my boyfriend since I apparently wasn't bring helpful =]